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The best accessories to use with a projector

So, you've decided that a projector is right for you , and you've purchased the best projector and the best screen for you. You're all done right? Well, probably. But you can make the experience even better with some accessories!

HDMI cables and switches

Yes, your home theater equipment probably came with HDMI cables, so you don't have to buy new ones. But if your projector is going to be on your ceiling and your equipment is going to be at floor level, you may need to buy a longer cable anyway.

If you want to make your setup look as clean possible, you could also consider a right-angle cable or a flat cable .

Finally, projectors have precious few HDMI ports, especially if you need a port that can handle 4K content. An HDMI switch is an evil necessity for projectors.

A mount or shelf

Unless you get an ultra short throw projector , you'll likely need a mount or shelf for the projector to sit on. It doesn't need to be expensive or super fancy, just needs to support the weight of your projector. Most mounts have built-in cable management, but we'll address that in the next section.

Cable management

The first rule of managing cables is only use as many cables as you need. Don't keep an HDMI cord plugged in if there isn't going to be anything connecting to the other side. The second rule is use the shortest cable possible so you don't have a lot of excess.

Even when you follow those rules, you may have to deal with cables in the way. While everything will be functional if you have your HDMI cables just taped to your wall, cable management channels help you hide the cables. Velcro ties are also great for keeping cables neatly organized.

Dedicated speakers

Most projectors have speakers built-in, but they're usually bad. Physics are a big deal with speakers, and projectors just don't have enough space to drive good sound. Fortunately, nearly every speaker comes with a 3.5mm or optical audio port to send audio to dedicated speakers. This isn't necessary, but it will make using your projector so much more enjoyable.

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