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Best DVR Recorders for TV in 2020

DVRs are a great product if you want to save your favorite shows when you're not able to watch them live. You can also use them to watch those shows again and again. Here are some of the best options out there to keep your shows alive and well.

  • It was number one: Fire TV Recast
  • Great alternative: TiVo Bolt DVR
  • Cheap pick: ZOSI 1080p DVR recorder
  • Built for Sling: AirTV DVR recorder
  • Schedule it out: AVerMedia EzRecorder DVR recorder

Save them all

DVRs are a perfect way to save your favorite shows and make sure you never miss a beat. The best way to enjoy those shows is with the Fire TV Recast , which gives you the ability to watch on your mobile devices as well as your TV. It also has quite a bit of storage — up to 1TB, which equals 150 hours.

If you're not able to shell over that much on that DVR, the AirTV DVR is a great cheaper alternative. With 2TB of internal storage and the ability to add more, it will help you be able to save tons of shows and movies to watch later. DVRs are great options for anyone who is looking to save local live content to enjoy at another time. Make sure to pick up your favorite so you can enjoy all of favorite your content.