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Best Gaming Controllers for Amazon Fire TV in 2020

Best Controllers for the Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV offers some fun games to enjoy if you're looking for something outside of the realm of PlayStation and such consoles. However, these games are a little hard to enjoy if you don't have a controller to use for the Fire TV. The best overall controller to use for your Fire TV gaming would be the Matricom G-Pad Wireless controller (opens in new tab) . It's a great bluetooth controller that's perfect for endless gaming on your TV, so keep reading for more information. If there's a certain type of controller you're looking, here's a round-up of the other controllers you can also use for your gaming experience.

Best Overall: Matricom G-Pad Wireless Controller

Matricom G-Pad is made for Fire TV gaming: with a rechargeable battery and Bluetooth connection, it's bound to exceed your expectations. Although 16 buttons seem like overkill, it has everything you could need to access all aspects of gaming on your TV. There have been some complaints about pairing the Bluetooth control as well as its connection. Once you get past that, your controller will make a great pair with your Fire TV.

This one of Amazon's #1 Best Sellers, so it has been a favorite with many gamers that have bought it for their Fire TV. Every control comes with issues, but seeing as this is one the cheaper side, it's no surprise that it's so popular. It's a great purchase to pair with all of the gaming you could desire to get out of your Amazon Fire TV.


  • Bluetooth enablement
  • Comfortable design for long sessions
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • 16 different buttons


  • Hard to pair
  • Connection problems

Best Value: Reiso Xbox 360 Wired Controller

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller

The Xbox 360 Wired Controller is the cheapest option on the list while also still being a quality option for your Amazon Fire TV. This controller is a third party remake that is a quality device with no latency when using the buttons. Some people have had problems with the buttons sticking while using the controller. It's also a wired controller, which could be an issue for some users who want the wireless capability.

Although there are a few problems with the controller, it's to be expected when it's as cheap as it is along with keeping the age of the controller in mind. It has many great things on its side, considering the quick timing of the buttons as well as the feel of the controller. It's a great option if you want to save a few bucks in order to purchase games to play on your Amazon Fire TV.


  • No latency
  • Cheap
  • Slick design
  • Great vibration feedback


  • Wired
  • Button issues

Best Wireless: PC Dualshock Gaming Controller

This PlayStation-styled controller is a great way to have the same experience without spending too much on it. This is a cross-compatible controller that you can use on multiple devices if you're looking into something for other consoles. It's wireless as well, but in order to use the wireless controller, you have to have batteries to operate. Users also said that had some mapping problems with the buttons and joysticks when bringing it onto those different devices.

There may be a few issues with this controller, but it's still a great deal for a controller you can use on virtually any console. It's a cheap version of a typical PlayStation controller that will help make gameplay enjoyable and comfortable. This wireless alternative will help you love the games you purchase and enjoy playing them on your Amazon Fire TV.


  • Cross compatible
  • Wireless
  • Feels good to hold
  • Dual Vibration


  • Must buy batteries
  • Mapping problems

Best High End: PlayStation DualShock 4 Wireless Controller

You could say that the PlayStation DualShock 4 controller is the end all be all of the gaming controller realm. It's a high-end company with great ergonomics which makes it a very comfortable controller to use. It's also well known for the wonderful DualShock vibrations that make gameplay feel more realistic. Some have said it seems to have some charging issues: it needs to be plugged in a certain way to charge properly. The biggest downside for this controller would have to be the price tag, making it one of the more expensive controllers you can buy.

If you don't mind spending a pretty penny for a good gaming experience, this would be the controller for you. The feel of the controller and the gameplay vibrations make it well worth the price you pay. If you don't mind the possibility of charging difficulties, this controller is a great choice for anyone looking to truly enjoy gaming experience on your Fire TV.


  • Well-known
  • Great feel
  • Dual vibrations
  • Quality build


  • Charging issues
  • Expensive

Best Middle Ground: SteelSeries Stratus Bluetooth Controller

SteelSeries Stratus is a great Bluetooth controller with loads of battery life for you to continue on your binge gaming journey. This is a high-quality product that can also be used on your mobile device if you want to kill it at Fortnite. Although it is a great product, you have to purchase a Bluetooth adapter for it to work. There has also been talk that the buttons will get stuck and not work while gaming.

If you don't mind an extra purchase with the middle cost of the controller, this would be a great choice for you. With tons on battery life and high-quality gaming, you'll truly enjoy your Amazon Fire TV gaming experience. It's a great device to purchase that you can use for both your Fire TV and your mobile gaming if you desire.


  • 40 hours of battery life
  • Well built
  • Great for mobile gaming
  • Dedicated home and back buttons


  • Need Bluetooth adapter
  • Button issues

Best Wired: ZD-V+ Wired Gaming Controller

The ZD-V+ wired controller is a great pick if you're looking for something to keep connected to your Amazon Fire TV. The design is perfect for gaming, giving you an old school PlayStation vibe with a wired look. This also has great vibrations to help bring your gaming experience truly to life. You do have to purchase an adapter if you're looking to use this for any kind of mobile gaming outside of your Fire TV. There have also been a few complaints of buttons sticking during gameplay, which is a minor detail.

Although it is a wired controller, it's a great choice for a quality controller with a lot of great aspects to it. A comfortable design that makes it easy and fun to play some of your favorite games on your Fire TV. The vibrations also add a great touch to every game that you play, and it outweighs some of the negatives that come with the controller.


  • Great design
  • Vibrations for quality gameplay
  • Non-slip joysticks
  • Durable build


  • Purchase OTG Adapter
  • Sticky Buttons

Bottom line

There are tons of great controllers out there to choose from, but we were able to pick out the best. My overall pick is the Matricom G-Pad wireless controller. (opens in new tab) It's rechargeablity and Bluetooth tech make it a great option for TV gaming. When it comes to the best controllers, there is something on this list to suit everyone's individual needs. Whether you're okay for spending a pretty penny when it comes to quality, or maybe you just want to stay wired in, you will find something that is exactly what you want for your Amazon Fire TV.

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