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Best Outdoor TV Covers in 2020

So you're thinking about getting a TV for the back porch — covered porch, hopefully — but you want to go one further and put a cover over your TV. Good for you. You're doing the right thing. Because while maybe you didn't stick a super-expensive TV out back, semi-exposed to the elements, you'll still want to get the most lifespan you can out of said outdoor TV. So it's time to pick a cover.

  • Simply good: Kolife Outdoor TV Cover
  • With a flap: BroilPro Front Flap Cover
  • Also with a flap: Outdoor Front Flap TV Cover
  • Easy does it: Garnetics Outdoor Cover
  • Basically ...: AmazonBasics Outdoor TV Cover
  • Not-so-black: Garnetics Beige Cover

Get covered

The really important part: Check the size of your TV, and the size of the cover.

Most of these outdoor TV covers are pretty generic, and prices will vary slightly depending on size. But there are two things to look for here: First, make sure you get the right size. Be sure to check the actual dimensions of your TV — not just the display size — height, width, depth. Then select a cover that will fit your TV. It might not be an exact match, and that's OK. But you want it to be reasonably close — and a little big is better than too small.

Second is that you might want to consider something with a front flap. Covers without flaps are fine, but you essentially have to take it all the way off any time you want to watch TV — and that means you have to put it back on for it to be effective. A flap is simpler and less frustrating. But they also might have a bit of clear plastic on the top corners to help hold things in place when the flap is open. You'll have to decide whether that's something you're willing to live with, or whether you'd rather take off the entire cover every time you want to watch something.

And then you'll have to be sure to put it all back on — otherwise, this whole thing is moot.

You don't have to spend a whole lot of money on this, either. They'll all do the same thing — protect your TV from the basic elements, keep moisture down to a minimum, and maybe keep bugs away from the electronics parts. (Bugs love electronics.) The idea here is to get the most life out of a relatively inexpensive TV that's living where it wasn't necessarily intended to live.

That's not to say that you have to have a cover. Depending on your setup — and the environment where you live — you might do perfectly fine without one. But I look at them as a sort of insurance policy at the very least. For a cheap price, you get a little more peace of mind that moisture is going to have to work hard to find its way into the inside of your outdoor TV. Have a pool and use one of those automatic pool vacuums that spray water out the back end every now and then? You'll want a cover for your outdoor TV. Live in a humid part of the country? You'll want a cover for your outdoor TV. Are there holes in the back of this thing for screws and other mounts? You'll want a cover for your outdoor TV. (There's nothing more strange than finding that wasps have taken refuge inside.)

Or to put it another way: You want a cover for your outdoor TV . Just double-check the size when you're ordering.