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The best projectors for gaming

Few things make game night bigger than a giant screen. This is true regardless of genre: open world games become more immense, first person shooter battles become more engaging, and racing games are that much more intense. A projector is the cheapest way to get a giant screen , but not all projectors are going to be great for gaming.

The most important factors to look at — once you've decided on your budget, that is — are resolution, refresh rate, and input lag. Resolution and refresh rates are mostly solved problems, but beware of projectors that cost less than $500. There are plenty of projectors on Amazon that include "1080P" in the listing name, but that's a half truth. These accept a 1080P signal, but output at lower resolutions. For simplicity's sake, every projector on this list outputs at 1080P or higher, with a refresh rate of 60hz or higher.

What say you?

Which projector sounds best for your gaming setup? Let us know down below!