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Netflix is the first major studio to mandate vaccinations for US productions

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Per Deadline, Netflix has become the first major Hollywood studio to mandate vaccinations of all US-based productions. This sweeping rule will also affect anyone who comes into contact with the cast on set. This news follows SAG-AFTRA's strict COVID guidelines that state employers may make vaccines a mandatory condition of employment in the industry.

As of today's Deadline report, Netflix is seeking to keep exceptions limited to medical reasons only. They also note that certain exemptions may apply to films and series that are already in production. 

While there will be some who decry the decision by Netflix, there have already been calls from employees to extend the mandate beyond Zone A (the aforementioned cast and anyone who comes in contact with them). Doing so would enable the studio to ensure that their lots are as safe as possible for those on set. 

The question now becomes if we'll see other studios start to shift to this new mandate. Netflix has made itself a powerhouse — particularly as we enter a new age of streaming — and a giant like them making such a call is bound to have ripples across the industry. So far, we've seen productions such as Starz' Gaslit enact a similar rule for their set, but nothing as sweeping as a whole studio. It's also worth mentioning that Gaslit star Sean Penn is now refusing to return to set until everyone involved is vaccinated.

If you have questions on COVID-19 and current protocols, be sure to check out the CDC's website as well as local news outlets to ensure you're keeping you and yours safe as the Delta variant spreads. 

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