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What movies are on Criterion Channel?

Best answer: There are over 1,000 different classic and contemporary movies from all around the world that you can stream when Criterion channel launches on April 8th. Unfortunately, it's still too early to say what exactly will be available.

Criterion: Criterion Channel ($11/mo.)

Classic and Contemporary

There are tons of classic and contemporary movies that you can watch using this streaming service. Criterion says it has over 1,000 different movies to choose from, and that it'll add different movies daily, along with suggestions from huge names in the film industry like Guillermo del Toro and Barry Jenkins. That way, you never run out of something to watch and you can always find something new.

It'll also have other content, including "Sunday Spotlights," which will feature directors, genres, and other aspects of film from throughout its entire history. On Tuesdays, you'll be able to watch a short and a feature double screening and on Fridays, you can check out a double feature.

No details yet

Unfortunately, the service hasn't released any specifics on what movies it'll have once it launches. However, Criterion Channel is looking to fill a void that FilmStruck once used to fill, so if you're a fan of classic movies, it'll be worth looking into regardless.

When we have more information on what titles the service will have once we get closer to the launch date (and of course, once the service actually launches).