Silent Witness star Emilia Fox reveals why she’s gone brunette for the new series!

Silent Witness Emilia Fox bruntte
(Image credit: BBC/Sally Mais)

Emilia has a new look!

Silent Witness star Emilia Fox has dumped her normal blonde hair for a new brunette look for the new series of the BBC1 hit.

The 45-year-old actress has traditionally sported blonde locks for her role as pathologist Dr Nikki Alexander in the long-running show.

Silent Witness Emilia Fox 2019

Emilia Fox as we normally know her as Nikki (Image credit: BBC/Sally Mais)

However, fans will immediately be struck by the fact she’s suddenly brunette in the new run and Emilia says there’s a simple reason why.

“The real explanation is that I was doing The Trial of Christine Keeler (BBC1) and playing Valerie Hobson and they dyed my hair for that. The producers on Silent Witness said they really liked it brunette.

“We talked about whether I could be Nikki’s twin sister, Vicky Alexander, but then we thought we would just get on with it. People change their hair colour all the time. Richard (Lintern) says that my hair is now "cognac by the fire rather than a blonde skipping through meadows."

Emilia Fox as Valerie Profumo

Emilia Fox turned brunette for her role as Valerie in The Trial of Christine Keeler (Image credit: BBC/Ecosse Films/James Pardon)

Emilia goes on to explain that she’s closely involved with Nikki’s look in the series and that she approves of Nikki’s dress sense.

“I only ever go to the shops when I go costume shopping," she says. "We all have an influence on what we wear in the show. It’s a contemporary show, and certainly I’ve found the pathologists we have met have very particular styles of dressing.

“That’s part of the fun of the character, and it seems to be a part which people address on social media a lot - hairstyles and what we’re wearing. What makes me laugh is that Liz said at the beginning, ‘I will never discuss what Clarissa wears on the show’ - and oh, how in these years she has changed!”

Trouble ahead for Nikki and Matt in the new series of Silent Witness?

Silent Witness 2018 - Nikki FINALLY gets a new man, reveals Emilia Fox

Nikki and Matt face some problems in the new series of Silent Witness (Image credit: BBC/Sally Mais)

The new 10-part series of Silent Witness will open with a private jet crash and Emilia reveals that Nikki’s boyfriend Matt suffers a personal loss because of the tragedy.

“On board is an ex-US ambassador who is friends with Matt, so that’s how his character is brought back into the series. We see the effect that this incident has on Nikki and Matt’s relationship.”

She adds: “The plane crash affects Matt and brings back some painful memories relating to another family member of his. Nikki is trying to look after his needs as well as being part of solving the crime. She is balancing that working life/personal life dilemma.”

When does Silent Witness return for a new series?

Silent Witness returns to BBC1 on Tuesday 7 January at 9pm.

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