Signora Volpe season 2: release date, trailer, cast, plot and everything we know about the detective drama

Sylvia (Emilia Fox) in Signora Volpe season 2
Emilia Fox, Signora Volpe season 2 (Image credit: Acorn TV)

Following on the heels of Signora Volpe season 1, the detective series returns for more in Signora Volpe season 2. Sylvia Fox (Emilia Fox) was hoping to enjoy the picturesque Italian countryside as she starts a new life away from her former life as a high-ranking British spy. However, a series of crimes in her local community brings her out of retirement and back to what she does best. 

The series was filmed on location in Italy's Lazio and Umbria regions, with the charming countryside helping to bring the story to life. 

Here's everything we know about Signora Volpe season 2. 

Signora Volpe season 2 release date

Signora Volpe season 2 premieres Monday, July 29, on both Acorn TV and BBC America. The three-part season will run through August 12. UK viewers need to head to Acorn TV on that date.

To watch Signora Volpe season 2 on Acorn TV, viewers will need a subscription to the streaming service. BBC America is included in many cable TV packages, and it's also available through a subscription to AMC Plus. 

Signora Volpe season 2 premise

Here's the official Signora Volpe season 2 synopsis from Acorn TV:

"As a high-ranking British spy, Sylvia’s physical prowess, investigative skills, surveillance expertise, and proficiency as a markswoman have made her exceptional at solving mysteries. At the end of season one, having fallen in love with Italy and re-established bonds with her sister Isabel (Tara Fitzgerald Game of Thrones, Belgravia), Sylvia decided to resign from her job at MI6 and start a new life in Umbria. But old habits die hard, and though Sylvia might have left her job at MI6 behind, her unique skillset and appetite for solving mysteries remain undiminished. Over the course of season two, she finds herself investigating the murder of a pillar of the local community, and going undercover for MI6 at a perilous house party by the lake. Then, a dead man comes looking for vengeance, and Sylvia’s family have to race against time to save her life.

"While restoring justice to the local community, Sylvia is joined throughout all three episodes by her extended family with whom she’s reestablished a connection: Isabel, Isabel’s husband Matteo (Matteo Carlomagno – All the Money in the World, Jumper) and daughter Alice (Issy Knopfler – Before We Die, Silent Witness), and her mother-in-law Antonella (Imma Piro – La Mazetta, Fontamara). Her relationship with handsome Carabinieri Capitano (Giovanni Cirfiera – American Crime Story; The Assassination of Gianni Versace, Queen of the South) also grows stronger, but as she continues to interfere in his investigations, he finds himself both frustrated and grateful for her help. Nicholas Farrell (The Crown, The Iron Lady, Chariots of Fire) also guest stars in two episodes as a mystery guest.

"With a bevy of new mysteries to solve set against an Italian countryside backdrop, the second season of Signora Volpe remains not only a suspenseful detective drama but an adventurous summer escape."

Signora Volpe season 2 cast

Take a look at the full cast of Signora Volpe season 2 below:

  • Emilia Fox (Silent Witness, Delicious, The Pianist) as Sylvia Fox
  • Tara Fitzgerald (Game of Thrones, Belgravia) as Isabel
  • Matteo Carlomagno (All the Money in the World, Jumper) as Matteo
  • Issy Knopfler (Before We Die, Silent Witness) as Alice
  • Imma Piro (La Mazetta, Fontamara) as Antonella
  • Giovanni Cirfiera (American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace, Queen of the South) as Carabinieri Capitano

Nicholas Farrell (The Crown, The Iron Lady, Chariots of Fire) will also appear as a guest star in two episodes in season 2. 

Signora Volpe season 2 trailer

Take a look at the Signora Volpe season 2 trailer below:

Signora Volpe | Season 2 Official Trailer | Acorn TV - YouTube Signora Volpe | Season 2 Official Trailer | Acorn TV - YouTube
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