Bugsy Malone | DVD review - Alan Parker's perennially popular gangster movie pastiche


Kids in spats, slicked back hair, driving pedal cars and brandishing machine-guns - what's not to love? Of course the guns only spray custard, not bullets, and the kids stop every now and then for a little sing-song, so it's all good, clean fun in this 1976 classic set in the Prohibition Era, Bugsy Malone.


The premise is bonkers but it worked a treat, launching British director Alan Parker onto the Hollywood A-List and introducing a young Jodie Foster to the world as vampish speakeasy songstress Tallulah. She's got the hots for Scott Baio, but he's got other trouble on his tail thanks to nightclub owner Fat Sam. All together now, "We could have been anything that we wanted to be..."


Certificate U. Runtime 89 mins. Director Alan Parker.

Bugsy Malone is distributed by ITV Studios Global Entertainment and is available from Amazon.co.uk and iTunes.