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Doctor Who fans spot these clues pointing to the return of Torchwood

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2020
(Image credit: BBC Studios/James Pardon)

Revolution of the Daleks could be teasing Torchwood’s return

Doctor Who is nearly back on our screens after news that production disruption due to COVID-19 would lead to a shorter thirteenth season disappointed fans last month.

As such, Doctor Who fans have been pouring over the Revolution of the Daleks trailer that was released recently for any clues to the plot.

Doctor Who’s twelfth series ended with Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor locked away by the Judoon in prison, and this special is set ten months afterwards. With the threat of a full-scale Dalek invasion looming, fans are eagerly trying to figure out just what the big surprise at the end of the Doctor Who special will be.

YouTuber Vlogzy believes that the next shocking twist Doctor Who will be throwing at us is the return of Torchwood, either as an ally to the Doctor or even as a fifth season of the spin-off show. Interviews about the episode have already teased some sort of "surprising ending" to the seventy-five-minute long special, and bringing back Torchwood to the Whoniverse would certainly fit the bill.

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The BBC has released several details that could easily be considered major Doctor Who spoilers; Bradley Walsh (Graham) and Tosin Cole (Ryan) are both set to leave the show, John Barrowman is returning as Captain Jack for a second time, and the Daleks set to unleash a full-scale invasion of Earth. With all of these plot threads revealed ahead of the episode, something even bigger must happen at the end of the episode.

Doctor Who Revolution of the Daleks

Two of the Doctor's pals will bid her farewell in the New Year's Day episode

The first episode of the twelfth season mentioned that both UNIT and Torchwood had been made defunct. Given how they often operated in the shadows, it seems unlikely that both organisations simply ceased operations entirely. Since we face Dalek annihilation without the Doctor on hand to save the world in the upcoming Doctor Who special, it seems highly likely that people would start looking to reestablish some sort of line of defence against alien invasion.

The final piece of evidence that could point to Torchwood returning to our screens? In 2018, John Barrowman revealed to the Radio Times that he was talking to Chris Chibnall about bringing the show back when he was being confirmed as the new Doctor Who showrunner. Chibnall was heavily involved in Torchwood for a time, so there really couldn’t be a better chance of the show coming back now Chibnall is in charge.

Sadly, we won’t know whether any of these Doctor Who rumours are true just yet. For now, we’ll just have to look forward to just what kind of twists and turns Revolution of the Daleks will throw at us.

Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks airs on BBC1 on News Year’s Day at 6:45pm. Check out our TV guide for more information on the latest shows.