Helena Bonham Carter: 'Why I kicked up a fuss on the set of Cinderella'

(Image credit: PA Wire/Press Association Images)

Helena Bonham Carter  isn't known for behaving like a diva but she did kick up a fuss while working on the new Disney film Cinderella.

The movie is a live action remake of the 1950 animation Cinderella.

But when  Helena took on the role of the fairy godmother for the new film – directed by fellow thespian Kenneth Branagh – and found that her costume didn’t have any wings, she dug her heels in and insisted that her Fairy Godmother had wings!


She said: “I’ve got lots of opinions, but luckily I’ve got a very good relationship with Ken, so Ken said, You can have a lot of say.

“There were no wings, and I thought it was incredibly obvious that she should have wings, but there were no wings when I first came in. She looked like Elizabeth I, a virginal Elizabeth I.

“And I said ‘wings!’ There was a bit of a tussle. It went to the head, it went to Ken, ‘She wants wings, she wants wings,’ and eventually I got my way.



“I said there is no six-year-old girl who is going to believe that I’m a fairy if I don’t have wings.”  

The film also stars Downton Abbey's Lily James as the put-upon Cinderella and Sophie McShera as Drisella, one of the ugly sisters, while  Cate  Blanchett plays the wicked stepmother and Game Of Throne's star Richard Madden is the prince. 

Cinderella is released in cinemas on Friday 27 March.