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Hugh Dennis joins Lee Mack in a new series of Not Going Out

(Image credit: BBC/Avalon/Neil Genower)

Lee Mack will return with a new 10-part series of hit sitcom Not Going Out on BBC1 on Friday, October 17, featuring new cast members Hugh Dennis and Abigail Cruttenden.

Currently the BBC’s longest running sitcom, this new series written by and starring Lee continues to follow the ill-thought-out plans and mishaps of Lee as he desperately tries to impress long-suffering landlady and object of his affection, Lucy (Sally Bretton). 

As ever, ditzy friend Daisy (Katy Wix) is on hand to offer her usually unsolicited and unique take on events, while Lee’s dad (Bobby Ball) and Lucy’s parents only ever seem to result in him further tying himself in ever-more-complicated knots. 

This series also introduces new neighbours Toby (Hugh ) and Anna (Abigail), a well-heeled couple who soon experience that when sharing a building with Lee and Lucy things are anything but straightforward.

Highlights in this series include an emasculated Lee feeling forced to prove his masculinity again… and again, to a more disappointed than usual Lucy; Lee wrestling with Lucy’s desire to have a child with another man; and when Lee joins Daisy to compete on the hit TV show Pointless (yes, really) how could he fail to prove his intellectual prowess to Lucy? 

The will-they-won’t-they tension reaches unseen new heights in an epic series finale for Christmas that sees Lucy and Lee in previously uncharted emotional water.