James Buckley: 'I always assume that no one ever wants to talk to me about anything other than The Inbetweeners'

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James Buckley is enjoying a very different TV role as the star of Dave's fantastical comedy Zapped

For better or worse, James Buckley is best known for his brilliant comedic performance as the foul-mouthed, sex-obsessed Jay in The Inbetweeners. But the 30-year-old actor is very much enjoying playing a rather more humdrum character in Dave's fantasy comedy Zapped.

Originally seen as a three-part pilot in which boring office worker Brian (Buckley) had his life turned upside down when he was magically transported to the fantastical world of Munty, home to wizards, seers, fairies and local pub The Jug and The Other Jug. The current series of Zapped continues this Thursday on Dave at 9.40pm.

We caught up with James Buckley on set at Pinewood Studios...

Is playing Brian a nice change of pace from a character like Jay?

“What’s important for me is that my character in Zapped is not on the pull – I’ve done that! It’s nice to someone who does have a bit on his plate, so his mind’s on other stuff. It’s ‘I need to get home’ rather than ‘I need to get a girlfriend’ – which is everything I’ve done up until now.”

Are you enjoying being back in the crazy world of Zapped? 

“It’s nice to do something that's set in a world that’s been created for this TV show. Usually everything I do is set in suburban Britain.”

Have fans been talking to you about Zapped?

“Yes, quite a lot, which I am surprised by. I always assume that no one ever wants to talk to me about anything other than The Inbetweeners!”

Series 2 of Zapped continues on Dave on Thursdays at 9.40pm

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