The Fall’s Jamie Dornan: ‘Even I didn’t see the twist coming in this series!’

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As The Fall returns for its final series, Jamie Dornan reveals things might not be all they seem for his serial killer character Paul Spector...

The Fall is back for a final six-part series after an edge-of-the-seat cliffhanger last time that saw serial killer Paul Spector shot in an ambush and left for dead – just as he was about to go on trial! With medics battling to keep evil Spector alive, DS Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) is determined to see him face justice. But be prepared for a 'didn’t-see-that-coming' twist, as Jamie Dornan reveals…

Is Spector still at death’s door? “He’s not in good shape! Based on where we left him there’s no way of getting round the fact that health-wise he’s not well and there’s a lot of hospital action early on. A lot of people are very intrigued that I’m still in the show and some people can’t work out why, so I’ve had a bit of fun toying with them about that!”

As he fights for life in intensive care, what’s his state of mind? “He’s definitely backed into a corner and, if we see him like a wild animal, then wild animals don’t like it when they’re backed into corners regardless of their physical state. That in itself leads to very interesting actions.”

Does he feel there’s a way out? “He wants to be in control and, no matter what physical and mental state he’s in, he still feels that he can control things. If he feels there’s a way out then it’s all about making Stella’s life more difficult, so I think people can expect more of the cat and mouse element, but obviously the parameters are very much changed!”

He’d been grooming Katie, his children’s former nanny, to help him with his crimes. Can you tell us what happens with her? “I can’t say much, but she’s definitely still a part of it. Regardless of his health he’s still having a massive effect on Katie and a big impact on her. There are also other things that need to be sewn together in terms of his family, especially his daughter, Olivia, who he has a very close bond with.”

In each series so far there have been plenty of twists and turns. Does this series offer more of the same? “There are very definite twists that I genuinely don’t think the audience will see coming! Even I didn’t know it was going to happen! It makes for gripping television.”

Do you still find it hard playing a twisted psychopath like Spector? “Yeah, I find it very unhealthy staying in Spector’s mindset for too long, so I’ve never wanted to let him stay with me beyond ‘action’ and ‘cut’ really. I’m very quick to get away and anyone who’s willing to talk to me about golf I find very helpful! You certainly don’t want to stay in character with someone like Spector – if I did I wouldn’t have a wife anymore!”

Does Spector have any redeeming qualities at all? “I’ve met people who are gunning for him and want him to evade justice, but I think it’s very hard to find anything redeeming about him. I do think he shows traces of being a good father at times and it would be wrong to portray him as a complete monster. But I have no sympathy for him!”

Is there a part of you that will miss playing him, though? “Yes, the Fall has been an omnipresent part of my life for four and a half years and so much has changed for me professionally and personally – I wasn’t a father and I wasn’t married when it started. But I’m also ready to do something a bit more family friendly now!”

The Fall starts Thursday 29 September at 9pm on BBC2

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