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The most remarkable thing about that 'House of Gucci' pic is how unremarkable it is

Adam Driver and Lady Gaga in "House of Gucci."
(Image credit: MGM)

If there's one way to create buzz for your film, it's this: Release a picture of Adam Driver and Lady Gaga in costume in a picturesque alpine village, with the perfect cable knit sweater, gold chains, and fuzzy hat.

That's the kind of stuff The Internet™️ goes crazy over.

Any why shouldn't it? The picture is of the two as a promotion for the upcoming House of Gucci is, indeed, quite perfect. You have two masters of their crafts, brought up not through acting and music royalty, but quite literally from the streets and obscurity. Driver made his name on the HBO hit series Girls before becoming the grandson of Darth Vader. Gaga — hell, she's just Lady Gaga. You'd be excused if you don't know her real name. Musician. Dancer. Actor. GAGA.

The actually remarkable thing about this picture isn't how great it is. It's that it's unsurprisingly great. It's that you look at the picture, and the clothes, and the people wearing them, and you simply think, "Well, yeah." Of course it's Adam Driver and Lady Gaga. Of course it's the former Marine and Brooklyn boy and the woman who once wore a meat suit. And of course they look perfect in perfection winter fashion and oversized glasses and manage to do so in a way that belies just how awkward everyone actually looked all those decades ago.

It's effortless, which is exactly the sort of thing you've seen Driver and Gaga exude time and time again. They make it look easy because they've worked their asses off for years before standing in the snow, arms around each other. They're talented, of course. But talent will only get you so far. Talent combined with work ethic? That's what gets you onto the set of the Ridley Scott film — which, by the way, isn't even slated for release until November 21. That's plenty of time for more perfect fashion promos of the imperfect couple.

The gist of the film, for those unfamiliar, is that Maurizio Gucci was assassinated by a hit man in 1995 after years of legal wrangling over the company. His ex-wife, Patrizia Reggiani — played by Lady Gaga — was convicted of arranging the murder three years later and sentenced to nearly 30 years in prison. She was released in October 2016 after serving 18 years.

House of Gucci also will star Al Pacino, Jared Leto and Jeremy Irons. So get ready for even more perfect pictures of perfectly effortless actors.

Phil Nickinson

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