Brenda Blethyn: 'The monster role that's winning me some new fans.'

(Image credit: EMPICS Entertainment)

Brenda Blethyn has said providing the voice for a monster in the kids' TV show Henry Hugglemonster is helping her to find a new generation of fans.

The Vera star voices one of the Enormomonsters in the animated series alongside Brian Blessed, who voices her husband.

"Now why do you think they chose Brian and me as the Enormomonsters from Roarsville? He's such a quiet chap isn't he?” she joked.

Talking about recording her voice in a booth, Brenda said: "It is a little surreal, but you've got all these wonderful voices coming at you as well. It's great fun. And of course these are our audiences of the future. It's great to get approval from them. It's such a popular series."

Brenda has just finished filming series five of detective drama Vera and has series six coming up later this year.

She explained what she loved about the dishevelled DCI: "It's rather nice that it's kind of wholesome in a different way [to Henry Hugglemonster]. She's honest, she's just and she's got a good analytical mind. Plus, she doesn't look like she's just walked off a catwalk and that's kind of refreshing because you don't see that very often on telly. It's very real."

She also added that she is still remembered starring in Chance In A Million, the 1980s sitcom which also starred fellow thespian Simon Callow.

"Do you know I'm recognised more from that programme than anything I have ever done? I was in a cave in Australia once looking at some historical things and a member of the group said, 'Weren't you in Chance In A Million?'. Once in a jungle in Borneo as well, in a little town, someone said the same thing."

Henry Hugglemonster returns to Disney Junior on 2 February.