Jodie Comer on her Talking Heads part as a deluded ex Crossroads actor!

Jodie Comer as Lesley in Talking Heads
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Lesley’s 'big break' isn’t quite what she thinks…

Jodie Comer stars as deluded actor Lesley in My Big Chance - the latest episode of Talking Heads on BBC1.

The Killing Eve actress takes on a part originally portrayed by Julie Walters in 1988. In the Alan Bennett piece, Lesley tells us proudly all about her latest film project, but it’s soon clear that her version of events doesn’t quite match the reality.

Set in the 1980s, soap fans will also enjoy the fact that we discover that Lesley once had a part in axed classic Crossroads!

“Lesley is an actress, an incredibly passionate and determined one at that. She believes she has found her biggest opportunity yet and through the piece is telling the audience of how the job came about.

"Starting from how she got the audition to how she feels now it’s all over. Only the question that hangs over it all is what type of ‘film’ she has in fact taken part in…,” says Jodie, 27.

Killing Eve S3 Generics - Jodie Comer Sandra Oh

Jodie Comer in Killing Eve (Image credit: Sid Gentle/BBC)

Jodie Comer jumped at the chance to be in Talking heads

Jodie continues that she was thrilled to play Lesley.

“Alan’s monologues are simply fantastic and I jumped at the chance to bring Lesley to life. It was also a great opportunity to meet Josie Rourke (director) and work with her on this piece. I thought it was a wonderful idea from the BBC to bring audiences new content at this time, and I was itching to get off my sofa and do something creative.”

As to why she believes Talking Heads has won such acclaim, she adds: “I think they are so beautifully intimate. There is a lot to be said for the relationship a person can have with a piece of drama.

“The direction to camera makes the audience feel special, almost as if the character is having a private conversation with the viewer alone. The emotions and subject matters these characters are experiencing are so complex and nothing is always what it seems, which is exciting for an audience, it keep them on their toes.”

Jodie Comer stars in Talking Heads at 8.45pm on BBC1 tonight [Monday 29th June]. It is also available to watch on BBCiPlayer.

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