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Martin Compston defends Line of Duty’s controversial ending

Line of Duty Steve running
(Image credit: BBC/World Productions/Steffan Hill)

Line of Duty star reckons finale hit right tone

Line of Duty star Martin Compston has backed the way creator Jed Mercuio ended the latest series.

Many critics and fans panned the final episode of Line of Duty Season 6, which saw Ian Buckells revealed as H in front of a record audience of over 15 million viewers.

But while Buckells wasn’t the criminal mastermind some were hoping for, Martin reckons that having a Blofeld type Bond baddie figure would have been a mistake.

Talking to ES Magazine, Martin, who plays Steve, said: “I think he [Jed] felt it would have been a bit of a cop-out to have — and he’s right — some sort of cat-stroking mastermind and then a crazy gun shoot-out. I think he felt that would have been the easy option.”

It’s unclear still if that’s the end of the who is H mystery and Martin revealed that it’s even still unclear if there will be another series.

Given the show’s huge ratings, it seems improbable that there won’t be more episodes. While Martin says the cast doesn’t know what’s in store, he does reassure fans that this isn’t an unusual situation.

Quizzed about whether we will see a seventh series of Line of Duty, he replied: “The genuine answer is that we don’t know.

“But that’s nothing new. Jed always takes time away from it. I think what I would say, the two things I would say, is that the idea that I would never work with all the guys again together would be heartbreaking.

“But also with everything that’s just gone on this week, I think everybody, including the audience, needs a bit of time away from it. So we’ll see.”

We reckon fans would also be pretty heartbroken if there wasn’t more episode to enjoy.

Meanwhile, fans can still enjoy all series of Line of Duty on iPlayer.