Michelle Keegan: 'Life for Tina and Bobby changed overnight after the World Cup win'

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Michelle Keegan stars as the wife of England World Cup captain Bobby Moore in a new drama about football’s first tabloid couple…

Tina and Bobby is a compelling three-part ITV drama telling the real life story of England football captain Bobby Moore and his wife Tina, played by former Corrie star Michelle Keegan.

Back in the 1960s, they were the Posh and Becks of their day and Tina became the nation’s first WAG after England's 1966 World Cup success. But the glorious win ended up changing their lives forever...

What's On TV went on set in Cheshire to meet Our Girl’s Michelle Keegan, who revealed what it was like to play one half of football’s first golden couple…

Did you know much about Bobby and Tina’s story before this? “I knew about Bobby Moore because my husband Mark Wright and his family are big supporters of West Ham – the team Bobby played for – so he’s like a God to them. But I didn’t know about his life with Tina.”

How did Tina adapt to fame after the World Cup win? “I think it was very difficult for her because she was very family orientated. Literally everything changed for her and Bobby as a couple overnight after the World Cup win. Everyone wanted a piece of them. But I think Bobby found the fame harder to handle than she did. Luckily she was with the kids at home so she was the glue holding the family together. She was so feisty and strong and pushed Bobby forward to do his best all the time.”

What sort of a husband was Bobby? “He was a man of few words even at home, but I think he was a very caring husband. I think Tina and his children were his life. It was when he left football that things started deteriorating in their relationship. Tina ended up getting a job – she didn’t want to take his masculinity away, but she had to work.”

Tell us about Tina’s relationship with her mum Betty, played by Patsy Kensit… “They were very close because Tina didn’t know her dad so it was just the two of them. She was like her best friend, so it was very difficult when Bobby got testicular cancer a year before he lifted the World Cup and told her not to say anything to anyone. In the end she couldn’t handle it and broke down and told her!”

Michelle Keegan

Tina marries Bobby in 1962. Patsy Kensit as mum-of-the-bride Betty


Have you enjoyed the wig and all the vintage costumes? “I love dressing up anyway so to do it for a job is amazing! As the younger Tina I have shorter hair that’s darker. But when we get into the 1970s I have a blonde wig! I’ve never had blonde hair in my life so it was a big change. I kept walking past mirrors and thinking, 'God who’s that?!'”

What was it like meeting Tina in real life? “It was very surreal. She was so lovely and sweet, but this is her story and very personal to her so you want it to be good for her. Playing her was probably my most challenging role yet and I was really daunted thinking I couldn’t do it justice. But then I wouldn’t have left Corrie if I wasn’t up for challenging myself!”


Tina and Bobby premieres on Friday, January 13 at 9pm on ITV


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