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Pamela Anderson had ‘no idea’ what a huge hit Baywatch would be

Pamela Anderson reveals she had ‘no idea’ what a huge hit Baywatch would be
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Pamela Anderson, who played C.J .Parker, also tells funny story about Baywatch co-star David Hasselhoff during interview with Piers Morgan

Pamela Anderson has revealed that she had no idea what a massive success Baywatch would be.

Speaking to Piers Morgan on his Life Stories show, Pamela said she was stunned when paparazzi started snapping away when she visited London around the time Baywatch first aired.

Piers asked Pamela if she had any idea how successful Baywatch would be, the 50-year-old star said: “No idea. I had no idea and we started travelling, we came to London first actually. My first time to Europe, came to London, and I remember paparazzi going crazy and running backwards and falling over themselves and I thought, ‘who’s here?’, looking behind me, ‘what’s going on, who’s here?’ I didn’t realise it was for us so then we realised, wow people are watching this show.”

Baywatch ran from 1989 to 2001. And Pamela also spoke warmly of her Baywatch co-star David Hasselhoff. “He’s very funny. He is a caricature of himself. He likes to gamble and we’d be doing a scene together and he’d be betting on sports and the phone would fall in the ocean…”

Baywatch was one of the biggest shows in the world

And asked by Piers if she was ever romantic with David, she replied: “Oh no. No. Never, never.”

Piers said: “He must have tried surely?”

Pamela said: “The rest of the cast did but not David.”

 Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: Pamela Anderson airs on ITV tomorrow (Saturday 3rd March) at 9.50pm

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