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Sharon Rooney: ‘I can’t tell my mum anything secret as she'll tell someone!’

As her surprise guest role in Sherlock last year proved, Sharon Rooney can keep a secret, but she reveals her mother definitely can’t!

Sharon told What’s on TV she has a few, secret ventures on the go, adding: “There are a few projects in the mid-stage, which will happen when they happen. I’ve been really busy, but it’s frustrating not being allowed to say. I especially can’t tell my mum anything as she’ll tell someone! I kept Sherlock from her as long as I could.”

Sharon, who became a household name playing teenager Rae Earl in E4’s My Mad Fat Diary, based on the real-life experiences of writer Rae Earl, also explained what drives her to take a role.

“As long as I like the character and feel I can bring something to them that’s true, then I’ll do it. If someone offered me a big massive film with lots of money, but I couldn’t do anything with the character I wouldn’t do it. I’d take a good part in a small production over that any day!”