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Sharon Rooney: ‘I’ll probably find out about My Mad Fat Diary future on Twitter!’

Sharon Rooney says she’s unsure of whether E4’s hit comedy-drama My Mad Fat Diary is going to be recommissioned for the third series.

Chatting about the role of Rachel ‘Rae’ Earl, which has made her household name, Sharon joked: “I love playing Rae, but am still waiting to hear whether there’ll be a third series. I’ll probably find out last on Twitter!”

Sharon also explained how the role she never wanted has been a career changer: “I wasn’t going to go for My Mad Fat Diary. I was on the last leg of a tour and thought, ‘I can’t keep doing this, jumping up and down the country and not getting found’. I was planning on getting another job and going back to college!

“I didn’t even want to look at the script. My agent sent it over anyway and eventually curiosity got the better of me. I read the first page and phoned him straight away!”

She added: “My Mad Fat Diary’s opened so many doors, which I’m so grateful for. I also got nominated for a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit, which would never have happened without it.”

Based on the teenage experiences of writer Rae Earl in the 1990s, My Mad Fat Diary also stars Claire Rushbrook as mum Linda, Ian Hart as Rae’s therapist Dr Kester Gill and Hollyoaks’ Nico Mirallegro as love-interest Finn. Keith Allen guest starred in series two as Rae’s estranged dad Victor.

Sharon appears in a new Comedy Playhouse show, Miller's Mountain, on BBC1 on Tuesday, May 6.