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Survivor | Film review - Milla Jovovich dashes hither and thither in flat-footed action thriller

Survivor Milla Jovovich.jpg

Survivor Milla Jovovich.jpg

US foreign-service agent Milla Jovovich dashes hither and thither across London and New York trying to foil a dastardly terrorist plot singlehanded, which might have been fun if flat-footed action thriller Survivor hadn’t lumbered her with dog-eared dialogue and a hokey plot. Her solo mission could barely be more preposterous. She’s been framed for murder and is on the run both from the authorities and from Pierce Brosnan’s grim-faced freelance assassin, the Watchmaker, yet she manages to slip her pursuers time and again with unconvincing ease.

Certificate 12. Runtime 94 mins. Director James McTeigue

Survivor is available on EST/Digital, DVD & Blu-ray from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.