Taika Waititi's Christmas Coca-Cola commercial will make you feel something again

Normally I'm not one to share commercials. And normally I'm not one to give any sort of promotion to a product that's done contributed more than its share to childhood obesity and tooth decay. And normally I'm not one to get all blubbery over anything to do with Christmas.

But I'm also someone's father (if that wasn't evident enough by the previous paragraph), and a huge fan of director Taika Waititi's ability to punch us in the gut in just the right way, and make us want to ask him to do it again. He's done it with Jojo Rabbit. He's done it with Thor: Ragnarok. He's done it with Boy.

And, damn it, he's done it with a freaking Christmas commercial for Coca-Cola.

Yes, Coke commercials are classic in their own right. (That's opposed to commercials about Coke Classic, which is neither here nor there.) And maybe you saw what was coming in this one, as a father who works on a wind turbine somewhere in the North Sea, from the looks of it, struggles to get his kid's letter to Santa. Never mind that he probably should have died 13 different ways. Never mind that when it's all over, the letter is handed right back to him.

This is exactly the sort of thing we need this Christmas. And this year. 

It's good to feel something again, even if only for a couple minutes.

Phil Nickinson

Phil spent his 20s in the newsroom of the Pensacola (Fla.) News Journal, his 30s on the road for AndroidCentral.com and Mobile Nations and is the Dad part of Modern Dad.