The 'Olympus Has Fallen' saga will continue with Gerard Butler returning in 'Night Has Fallen'

Gerard Butler as Mike Banning.
(Image credit: Millennium Media)

Are the Has Fallen movies a little (lot) bit Nationalistic? Yes. Are they also exceptionally fun action films that should continue for the rest of forever? Also yes. Given the success it's had at the box office, this outcome is pretty likely.

Though most believed it would end as a trilogy with the last installment, Angel Has Fallen, it was announced today that the Gerard Butler-fronted action series would continue with Night Has Fallen. Mike Banning's coming back, y'all. Returning with Butler will also be Angel Has Fallen director Rick Roman Waugh and writer Robert Kamen to pen the script.

The film, which is noted to go down an "unsuspected trajectory," will be filming in Bulgaria and across Europe - meaning we could see this come out sooner than some domestic productions. The Has Fallen franchise has been hugely successful for production company Millennium Media, so it's exciting to wonder what's going to be poured into this new adventure budget-wise. They're big on blowing stuff up, so viewers will likely remain entertained either way! 

Jeffrey Greenstein, President of Millennium Media, noted that “The Has Fallen journey continues and we couldn’t be more excited to take on the challenge of building on this beloved franchise with our dear friends Alan Siegel and Gerard Butler. These films are not driven just by action, but by the special characters and relationships of Mike Banning and his friends, family, and foes. We look forward to teaming back up again with Angel Has Fallen’s Ric Roman Waugh to captivate audiences worldwide on another journey full of these touching and fun character moments, as  well as unique and heightened action, and a dark turn of events that will send this next installment down a wildly unexpected trajectory.”

Amelia Emberwing

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