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Who is Steph Corbett in Line of Duty? Everything you need to know about John Corbett's widow

Steph Corbett Line of Duty
Steph Corbett Line of Duty

Steph Corbett is back for another series of Line of Duty, but what do we know about the character so far?

Steph Corbett has returned to Line of Duty for series 6, leaving many fans trying to remember what her role was in series 5.

As Line of Duty fans know, show creator Jed Mercurio’s insanely clever plotting means every character we see has a good reason for being there, and Steph is definitely no exception.

So, here is everything you need to know about Line of Duty character Steph Corbett...

**Warning - spoilers for all Line of Duty series below**

Who is Steph Corbett?

Steph Corbett Line of Duty

Steph has been in Line of Duty since series 5 (Picture: BBC)

Steph was first seen in Line of Duty in series 5 when Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) and Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) went to visit her in connection to her police officer husband John Corbett.

At the time she didn't seem too worried about the fact he had gone undercover and couldn't be found. She didn't believe that he was committing crimes, but instead using his work as a cover to have an affair. It was later revealed that this wasn't true and the pair kept in touch via a burner phone.

Who plays Steph Corbett in Line of Duty?

Irish actress Amy De Bhrún plays Liverpudlian Steph in Line of Duty.

She has also appeared in Coronation Street and Casualty to name but a few shows, and also starred in Hollywood movies like Jason Bourne alongside Matt Damon.

Who was Steph Corbett's husband, John?

John Corbett Line of Duty

Steph was married to undercover police officer John Corbett (Picture: BBC)

Steph was married to John Corbett, a undercover cop who had gone rogue while working under Operation Pear Tree.

The secret police investigation was being carried out by Central Police and outside police forces, trying to infiltrate the Organised Crime Syndicate. John had managed to earn himself trust and a leadership role in the OCS.

Unfortunately for John, Ryan Pilkington (who was then part of the OCS before going undercover and joining the police) and Lisa McQueen worked out he was an undercover cop and Ryan murdered him before dumping his body at a scrap yard.

Steph was devastated following John's death, especially because he didn't get the recognition she believed he deserved from the police force for dying in the line of duty.

What is Steph's history with Ted Hastings?

Steph Corbett with Ted Hastings Line of Duty

Steph and Ted have got a secret (Picture: BBC)

After John's murder at the end of series 5, Steph was the one who provided the evidence that helped clear Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) after he was framed by the OCG as a corrupt officer. She gave Kate and Steve a secret tape that heard Gill Biggeloe lying to John that Ted was responsible for his mother's (Anne Marie McGillis) death.

But one twist at the end of series 5 that is coming back to haunt Ted is that he gave Steph an envelope stuffed with £50,000 after John's murder, which was the money that the OCG used to bribe him. Ted might not have been responsible for Anne Marie's death, but he still felt guilty that John died in the line of duty, leaving him feeling responsible for Steph and the two children that John left behind.

Line of Duty season 6 continues on BBC One on Sundays at 9pm. You can catch up on season 1-5 and missed season 6 episodes on BBC iPlayer.