Who is Line of Duty’s Ted Hastings?

Adrian Dunbar as Ted Hastings - Adrian was on Gogglebox tonight
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Everything you need to know about Ted Hastings, everyone's favourite officer.

Ted Hastings is a Line of Duty fan favourite. He’s the top officer at Anticorruption Unit 12 (AC-12), and he’s played an instrumental part in every single case that we've seen so far.

Right from the beginning, he has been a champion of doing everything by the book. He's always pushing Vicky and Steve to go after any leads to ensure they put a stop to police corruption.

Although he’s struggled to see eye-to-eye with fellow officer DI Steve Arnott from time to time, Ted clearly cares a lot about his team… almost as much as he loves catching bent coppers!

Who plays Ted Hastings?

Ted Hastings is played by Irish actor Adrian Dunbar. Dunbar is a regular on the crime drama circuit, and has appeared in a variety of shows including Blood, Death in Paradise, Silent Witness and Ashes to Ashes.

What Rank is Ted Hastings?

Ted is a Superintendent in the fictional Central Police Service and works at AC-12.

Line of Duty's Ted Hastings

Is Ted "H"?

Is Ted H?

We still don’t know who is H in Line of Duty, and Ted could well be a possible match for the final corrupt officer. 

He might well have been cleared of all charges after he was set-up in season 5, but Ted has still behaved suspiciously on several occasions. Early in the show, he was somewhat reluctant to investigate superior officer DCC Mike Dryden due to his financial troubles. Later on, he was served a Regulation 15 order over growing suspicions that Ted may indeed have been the missing criminal.

In the series five epilogue, we learned that Hastings is currently on his final written warning, even though he's still head of AC-12. Thankfully, all the charges against him were dropped. 

Because of this chequered history in the show, it's difficult to judge whether Hastings could still be H. We'll just have to wait to find out!

Ted Hastings' Best Quotes

"We are only interested in one thing and one thing only, and that’s catching bent coppers."

"If I see a bent copper, I’ll go after ‘em, irrespective of rank or political expediency!"

"Now we’re sucking diesel."

"Mother of God!"

"I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, catching criminals is tough enough but catching coppers, God give me strength."

"Hastings…yes, like the battle."

"I’ll have the sirloin steak, medium rare, no sauce."

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