Everything you need to know about Bryan Cranston thriller 'Your Honor'

Bryan Cranston as Michael Desiato in Your Honor.
Bryan Cranston as Michael Desiato in Your Honor. (Image credit: Skip Bolen/SHOWTIME)

When it comes to picking roles Bryan Cranston can do no wrong — unlike many of the characters he plays. In tense 10-part thriller Your Honor, by Criminal Justice and Silk creator Peter Moffatt, Cranston stars in his first major TV series since Breaking Bad ended in 2017. 

Once again, Cranston is playing a morally compromised character — New Orleans judge Michael Desiato, a widower and father who finds himself on the wrong side of the law.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new twisty-turny thriller...

How to watch Your Honor in the US

The first episode of Your Honor is available to watch for free on Amazon Prime. After that, you'll need to add the Showtime Amazon Video Channel to your account for $10.99 a month in order to stream the rest of the series. 

If you're only planning to binge the show, there's a seven-day free trial available for the Showtime channel, too!

You can also stream Your Honor in the exact same way on Hulu  by adding Showtime to your Hulu subscription for an additional $10.99 a month. Like Amazon Prime, Showtime comes with a seven-day free trial.

You can also stream Showtime through the network's own dedicated app (again costing $10.99 to subscribe, with the same free trial), or by adding it to your own cable TV package. Prices may vary for the latter option, so be sure to check first.

Your Honor release date in the UK

Several months after its US release, Your Honor debuts in the UK on Tuesday March 2, 2021 on Sky Atlantic HD at 9pm. All 10 episodes will be on Sky Box Sets and NOW TV from Tuesday March 2.

The premise of Your Honor

On the anniversary of his wife’s murder, Michael learns that his son, Adam (Truth be Told’s Hunter Doohan), has accidentally killed another teenager in a road accident, fleeing the scene in a panic.

Michael drives his remorseful son to the local police station with the intention of turning him in — until he learns the victim of the crash is Rocco Baxter, son of vicious crime boss Jimmy Baxter (Boardwalk Empire star Michael Stuhlbarg), a man who likes to execute his own version of justice.

Michael makes the momentous decision to turn his back on the law and begins a covert campaign to cover his son’s tracks, while a grief-stricken Baxter appears on TV and vows that his son’s killer will be found.

Why this TV role

Breaking Bad set the bar high, so that’s why it took so long for me to want to commit to another series,” says Bryan Cranston. “It had to be the right thing, and I think Your Honor is the right thing."

“The dramatic narrative drew me in. The storyline of having your son panic and leave the scene of an accident is disturbing and very possible. It lends itself to really terrific drama,” adds Cranston, who asks:  “What wouldn’t you do to save your child?

"If my son or daughter were in that same predicament I cannot say with all honesty that I wouldn’t do the same thing, and that’s the dilemma that the series presents.”

Is Michael Desiato the new Walter White?

In Your Honor Bryan Cranston is skilled at keeping viewers on the edge of their seats, with Michael becoming more and more devious as the drama unfolds. From destroying evidence to drawing others into his deceit, Michael will stop at nothing — not unlike Walter White, the cancer-stricken science teacher-turned-drug-lord in Breaking Bad.

Cranston says comparisons can be made between Michael Desiato and Walter White: “There are some similarities between the two men — if you draw a Venn diagram there would be overlap. 

“I guess I’m attracted to characters that are damaged in some way, but who are simultaneously trying to do the right thing within the realm of doing the wrong thing.

“But, obviously, Breaking Bad will be the first line of my obituary!”

Your Honor gets dark very quickly. Warning spoilers below.

As the drama unfolds, Michael becomes increasingly desperate to protect Adam, destroying as much incriminating evidence as he can. 

Meanwhile Baxter begins to piece together the events that caused Rocco’s death, while Michael does his best to provide an alibi for his guilt-stricken son.

Michael becomes more and more calculating, he draws politician friend Charlie (The Good Cop’s Isiah Whitlock Jr) into his deceit, and enlists a gang-affiliated young man, Kofi Jones (The Next Step’s Lamar Johnson), to get rid of the car that Adam was driving.

Elsewhere, detective Nancy Costello (Sneaky Pete star Amy Landecker) discovers evidence that potentially links the father and son to Rocco’s death, while Rocco’s mother Gina (For the People star Hope Davis) eschews her mobster husband’s measured approach to revenge, and decides to take more direct and deadly action.

Other familiar faces in the cast include Mrs America’s Margot Martindale as Michael’s senator mother-in-law and The Affair’s Maura Tierney as a prosecutor at the courthouse where he works.

Who’s who in Your Honor.

Hope Davis as grieving Gina Baxter in Your Honor

(Image credit: Skip Bolen/SHOWTIME)

Michael Desiato (Bryan Cranston)

The respected judge is presented with a moral dilemma when his only son, Adam, kills another teenager in a fatal hit and run. Once he makes the decision to turn his back on law and order, there’s no turning back — although there is plenty of looking over his shoulder.

Jimmy Baxter (Michael Stuhlbarg

The coldblooded crime boss is plunged into grief at his son Rocco’s death. Hell-bent on revenge, he uses his criminal connections to carefully track his son’s killer.

Adam Desiato (Hunter Doohan)

Michael’s son initially unravels after killing Rocco. Despite his father’s efforts to protect him, will guilt get the better of the traumatised teen? That said, there are some secrets Adam is adept at keeping, even from his father...

Gina Baxter (Hope Davis)

Rocco’s mum, like her husband, also has murder in mind. She lashes out at husband Jimmy for not doing enough. Gina [pictured above] will stop at nothing to avenge Rocco, but her actions have far-reaching consequences.

Charlie Figaro (Isiah Whitlock Jr)

Mayoral candidate Charlie agrees to use his dodgy connections to help best pal Michael get rid of vital evidence, no-questions-asked… Will he regret his blind loyalty? 

Kofi Jones (Lamar Johnson)

The gang member is assigned the task of disposing of the car that Adam was driving — but he soon ends up in deep trouble. Will he become a victim of circumstance as he’s strong armed into taking the fall for Rocco’s death? Or will his gang connections to the Desire crew protect Kofi and his family?

Lee Delamere  (Carmen Ejogo)

Lawyer Lee agrees to defend Kofi when former meteor Michael persuades her the teen deserves a fair trial. She smells corruption, but will she be disarmed by her loyalty to Michael? 

Detective Nancy Costello (Amy Landecker)

Dogged investigator Nancy is relentless is her pursuit of law and justice, unaware the criminals she seeks are Michael and his son. Will she piece together the truth?

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