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GadgetGang in Outer Space | Cheery but undemanding kids sci-fi romp

GadgetGang in Outer Space

GadgetGang in Outer Space may be light years behind Pixar's best, but this animated adventure from Brazil still offers enough boisterous fun to keep young children diverted. They'll enjoy the film's squeaky-voiced little green aliens, a bunch of cutely clumsy extraterrestrials who find help from the eponymous gang of school kids after crash-landing on Earth while on the run from an evil intergalactic warlord. You won't find anything particularly original here, but the movie’s fleeting riffs on the likes of E.T., Close Encounters, Star Wars and The X-Files, do score points for cheek.

Certificate U. Runtime 80 mins. Director Ale McHaddo

GadgetGang in Outer Space (BugiGangue no Espaço) debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on 26 March.