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Tamzin Outhwaite: ‘New Tricks’ Sasha and Dan are an odd pairing!’

Could love be in the air for colleagues DCI Sasha Miller and retired DCI Dan Miller in tonight’s New Tricks?

Talking to What’s on TV about the growing friendship between Sasha and Dan, former EastEnders and Hotel Babylon star Tamzin teased: “Sasha gets to understand Dan more personally and there are some lovely and warm connections between them.

“Thank goodness they’ve got each other to go to. However odd the pairing, they’re very comfortable with each other!”

Sasha’s friendship with colleague Dan Griffin (Nicholas Lyndhurst) is deepening all the time. Both characters are sensitive to the fact the other is going through personal difficulties. Sasha is dealing with the end of her marriage, while Dan is struggling to adjust to life now his daughter Holly has left for university. And in Monday’s episode Sasha even impresses Dan with a touch of poetry!

But will their budding friendship be cut short by Sasha’s cheating husband, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Ned Hancock?

Last year Sasha was left devastated when she found Ned, the father to her two children, in bed with another woman. New Tricks fans will see Sasha’s mixed feelings for Ned (Barnaby Kay) come to the surface when he gets in touch and, surprisingly, she agrees to have dinner with him.

Tamzin explains: “Sasha sees Ned from time-to-time because he’s DAC and they work in the same building. But there are still things they need to discuss, like their teenage children who are at university.”

Conversation about the kids is off the menu, however, as Ned jumps straight in and tells Sasha he misses her. Will she fall for his charms? Or will she turn to Danny for comfort?

Watch New Tricks on BBC1 at 9pm to find out…