Death in Paradise - 4 theories on Ben Miller’s MASSIVE return tonight!

Death in Paradise DI Richard Poole (Ben Miller) return in season 6
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DI Richard Poole comes back from the dead this evening in Death in Paradise. But how? We explore the options...

Death in Paradise fans are in for a big thrill tonight as Ben Miller makes his eagerly-anticipated return as DI Richard Poole.

To mark the show’s 10th anniversary, the 54-year-old star is resurrecting his role as the the show’s first ever leading detective.

Camille touches down in Saint Marie in Death in Paradise

Camille touches down in Saint Marie in Death in Paradise

In last night’s first episode of the special two-part story, we welcomed back Sara Martins as Detective Sergeant Camille Bordey after a six year break.

Commissioner Patterson phoned Camille, who was seen on detecting duties in Paris, to tell her that her mother Catherine had been attacked. Camille said she would hop on the first plane back to Saint Marie and she’ll play a big part in tonight’s episode.

The big puzzle is how does Ben Miller return in Death in Paradise season 6 as DI Richard Poole was murdered?

Here’s four theories on how DI Richard Poole comes back from the dead in Death in Paradise...

1. DI Richard Poole faked his own death!

Richard was brutally murdered with an ice pick - or was he?! Death of a Detective was the first episode of series three and Richard had a university reunion. Now, if you were going to fake your own death who better than your old university chums to help out? Perhaps it was made to look like Richard was dead, so he could then begin a life as an uncover officer. Being “dead” would be the perfect cover. Maybe he's now a spy!

2. Richard has an identical twin brother.

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So, the “Richard” we’re seeing in the teaser clips isn’t actually Richard at all but his identical twin. That would neatly explain why “Richard” is back from the dead. However, if it is his twin he really does seem identical as he seems to have all his brother’s awkwardness.

3. It’s a figment of Camille’s imagination

In a teaser clip, Camille is seen looking towards the sea and she “sees” Richard walking along the beach. However, we know that Camille and Richard were very close. Indeed it did look like the pair might have even ended up together given the right circumstances. So what could be more natural than Camille remembering her old friend?

4. It was all a dream!

Bobby Ewing famously came back from the dead in Dallas when his character "died" in a dream. Might Richard have also have died in a dream? Erm, this seems unlikely but you never know!

Death in Paradise continues tonight on BBC1 (catch up on iPlayer - see our TV Guide for full listings).

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