Drunk History: 'How Burke and Hare ballsed it up!'

History lessons can sometimes be a bit dull, but just imagine how brilliant learning about Henry VIII or the Great Fire of London would have been if you'd had a drunk comedian for a teacher! 

Comedy Central's alcohol-sodden new show Drunk History continues this evening and we have a brand new clip from tonight's episode to kick start your Monday.

Watch Irish comedian Andrew Maxwell retelling the story of infamous murderers William Burke and William Hare, above - after drinking three bottles of champagne!

Drunk History continues on Mondays at 10pm on Comedy Central.

Sean Marland

Sean is a Senior Feature writer for TV Times, What's On TV and TV & Satellite Week, who also writes for whattowatch.com. He's been covering the world of TV for over 15 years and in that time he's been lucky enough to interview stars like Ian McKellen, Tom Hardy and Kate Winslet. His favourite shows are I'm Alan Partridge, The Wire, People Just Do Nothing and Succession and in his spare time he enjoys drinking tea, doing crosswords and watching football.