‘The emotional scenes wiped me out,’ says Cold Feet star John Thomson

cold feet, john thomson
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Cold Feet has returned to our TVs and former Corrie star John Thomson reveals he is relishing every minute of it

Former Corrie actor and star of The Fast Show John Thomson talks to Soaplife about returning with the hit ITV series Cold Feet...

How was it playing Pete Gifford again? “For me, it’s been a fantastic opportunity. I didn’t anticipate Cold Feet coming back. I feel blessed to be able to play Pete again and be given such amazing storylines.”

Why bring it back now, after 13 years? “There was talk of Cold Feet returning around five years ago but, for various reasons, it didn’t come together. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t see the original series. You can also come to it fresh, without having to know too much background. It’s self-explanatory."

cold feet, john thomson

Cold Feet cast as they were: Hermione Norris, Robert Bathurst, James Nesbitt, Helen Baxendale, John and Fay Ripley


Was it difficult recapturing the cast chemistry?“Not at all. It just happened. I relished every single minute. We all get on and it shows.”

How’s life treated Pete? “There is light and shade in Cold Feet, but a little more shade for Pete this time, which was tough to play. There were days when I’d go home and just be washed out because of the emotional scenes. On a more positive note, Pete and Jenny [Fay Ripley] are back together and closer than ever.”

Pete’s still a huge Manchester United fan. Are you? “A friend of mine saw a trailer for the new series and said, ‘It was you, in a Man U strip, drinking a pint. I’ve never seen anything so weird!’ Because I hate sport and I don’t drink! To be doing that, drinking a pint and watching football, is my absolute idea of hell.”

Is Manchester still an important ingredient of Cold Feet? “Absolutely. As a city it was great 13 years ago. But it’s got better and better. Manchester has changed so much and it’s thriving.”

coronation street, john thompson

John as children's entertainer Jesse Chadwick in Corrie


Corrie is in Manchester, too… Can you see yourself going back to the soap? “I played Jesse Chadwick in Corrie for 10 months and felt it had run its course. My time there was probably about right.”

 Cold Feet continues on Monday evenings on ITV