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Hugh Dennis: 'Every family feels like the Outnumbered family!'

Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner tell us what the Brockman children are up to now, as Outnumbered (opens in new tab) returns to BBC1 for the last time on Wednesday, January 29...

We last caught up with the Brockman family in 2012. What's changed since then?

Claire: "There's a different raft of issues because the children are nearly all teenagers now. Jake's got a tattoo, Karen's just gone up to secondary school and there's a lot about her adjusting to Year 7 and her slightly bolshy attitude! She's changed so much. She's brunette now and very beautiful. It's quite odd when you come back on set after a year or so and they've grown. Daniel, who plays Ben, is huge and has a really big voice now!"

What about parents Pete and Sue? Have they moved on too?

Claire: "Sue has a new job working for a PR company called Optimum Outcomes and is trying really hard to keep it going alongside running around after the children."

Hugh: "Having been thrown out of teaching, Pete's now an Ofsted inspector!"

Do you think Pete and Sue are good parenting role models?

Hugh: "Netmums, the online parent community, did an article on the worst father figures and it included Homer Simpson, Peppa Pig's dad and Pete! I thought it was massively unfair because the Brockman family is still together and it's a family where everyone cares for each other. They're just battling through like everyone else. I think every family feels like the Outnumbered family."

Do we see some cameo performances again in this series?

Claire: "Yes. Rebecca Front plays Karen's headmistress and Harry Shearer, who was in Spinal Tap and who provides many of the voices in The Simpsons, is in it too. In one scene, Sue's at work and she has to set up a video link with him. I was so excited because I think he's a genius - but my husband said 'You mustn't quote Spinal Tap at him!'"

The BBC has confirmed this is the last series of Outnumbered. Is this the last we've seen of it?

Hugh: "No, I don't think this is the last you've seen of Outnumbered (The BBC says it may return for one-off specials). These days kids don't leave home until they're 35 so it could go on! A lot of people watch as they're going through the same thing as Pete and Sue and that hasn't changed. It's still mirroring real life."


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