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Liar fans have THIS incredible theory about Andrew Earlham's death

ITV Liar
(Image credit: JOSS BARRATT)

Was he really murdered?

Liar fans think they've worked out what happened to evil Andrew Earlham (Ioan Gruffudd) - and it would be a huge twist!.

In the first series, it was revealed that Andrew was a serial rapist and had quickly turned on teacher Laura Nielsen (Joanne Froggatt).

Andrew was found dead in the cliffhanger ending, with many fans speculating who was behind it.

Now they have a new theory: that Andrew killed himself and used his death to frame Laura.

The latest episode showed a flashback of Andrew shouting, "You stole my life, now I'm going to steal yours!"

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As a result of this, fans have been discussing this theory on Twitter.

Did Andrew really commit suicide? And did he do it to frame Laura?

One fan said, "Ok, I know I’m probably wrong but I think Andrew killed himself and framed Laura because he blamed her for his life falling apart and Luke trying to kill himself"

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Another agreed, adding, "I keep thinking that Andrew killed himself and set a trail of false clues to incriminate Laura"

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Another added, "I wonder if it'll come down to Andrew killing himself and framing Laura to get revenge."

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Another suggested that Andrew could've went one step further.

They claimed, "Hit me up with your #liar theories? After tonight I’m thinking ... Andrew killed himself , maybe killed his mate? Setting up Laura?"

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Episode 3 focused on potential murder suspect Carl Peterson (Howard Charles).

He is the husband of Winnie Peterson (Amy Nuttall), who was also one of Andrew's victims.

In a flashback it was revealed that Carl had attacked Andrew, but Laura proved he couldn't have been responsible for his murder.

This has further convinced fans that Andrew could've set this up to get his revenge on Laura.

But is there another detail we could've missed?

Liar continues on ITV1 on Monday 23rd April at 9pm.