Jason Flemyng: Brad Pitt's children use me for target practice!

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If The Missing star Jason Flemyng is ever short of acting jobs he has a promising career as a childminder to fall back on, especially with Brad Pitt's children.

The actor, who is currently appearing in the BBC1 thriller, is friends with Brad and says the Hollywood A-Lister often asks him to entertain his children when his family is in London.

"When he comes to London he phones me because he has a horde of kids and they all love paintballing. He says: 'Phone Flemyng and all the kids can shoot paintballs at him!' So I turn up at this paintballing thing and there are lots of kids and Brad says 'Kill Flemyng, get Flemyng!' So I'm chased around for bit!"

Jason first worked with Brad in Guy Ritchie's gangster flick Snatch and has been pals with the Ocean's Eleven star since.

"We've known each other for a few years now," explains Jason. "He introduced me to David Fincher and we did Benjamin Button together, which was great. He's a really nice bloke and a great actor as well."

Jason was recently up for a role in Disney's new Star Wars film, yet his role was jeopardised after he Instagrammed a picture of a top secret script he had been given. The London-born actor now claims he won't be appearing in George Lucas's space opera..

"No, I'm not part of the new Star Wars film," he says. "I'm open and I talk about stuff, but if you mention that stuff.. [people go crazy] ..I didn't know.  I did the audition and got the script, did some interviews and spoke about it a bit. Then it was like I had someone telling me I had to send a letter of apology to George Lucas immediately. It was a bit unbelievable!'

The Missing continues on BBC1 on Tuesday at 9pm

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