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Jodie Marsh reveals £10K sex offer

Reality star turned bodybuilder Jodie Marsh has revealed that she was offered £10,000 to sleep with an A-list star early in her career - but refused.

Speaking at the launch of new channel TLC (opens in new tab), Jodie said that the incident occurred when she was working as a lap dancer at London nightclub Stringfellows.

And she has drawn upon her own experiences for a new documentary on the channel, Jodie Marsh On The Game, in which she takes an in-depth look at the seedy side of the sex industry.

"I was offered money for sex on a regular basis when I worked at Stringfellows," she said.

"I was offered £10,000 one night to go home and sleep with a very famous customer. Everything about him was gross. I felt sick by the whole thing."

She added: "My reaction was 'f*** off mate! Literally, in his face, I just went 'who the f*** do you think you are?

"I was about 21, 22, and I literally stood in his face and went 'F*** you! How dare you? I'm a f*****g dancer, I'm not a f*****g prostitute! I was really angry about it.

"I was young, I was feisty and I felt insulted that he'd even asked me. It's tough when you are working in the sex industry in any form."

Jodie - who admitted that she wanted to forge a career in documentary-making - saying: "I want to be the new Louis Theroux" - also revealed she has fronted a show in which she examines the effects of steroids.

"I set out to investigate why people take them, what the dangers are - if there are any dangers, or if they are good for you - whatever the case may be," she explained.

"The conclusion is they are bad for you. I met women and men who are on steroids and every single one of them has the most shocking things to either tell me or show me."