Downton Abbey star's hubby hilariously gatecrashes Lorraine Kelly's GMB interview!

Lorraine Kelly Kevin McNally

Lorraine Kelly had an unexpected visitor!

Lorraine Kelly was in for a shock when her interview was gatecrashed by actor Kevin McNally today.

The Good Morning Britain presenter was interviewing Downton Abbey star Phyllis Logan, when her husband popped in to say hello!

Phyllis was on the programme to talk about the new series of Highland Vet, which she narrates.

But there was an unexpected third guest when her husband and fellow Downton star appeared in the background.

Kevin appeared in the frame in his dressing gown holding two cups of coffee, and joked, "Can you keep it down? I’m trying to sleep."

Lorraine was delighted by the unexpected guest, replying, "Oh, look who it is! How are you, Kevin? It’s so good to see you."

She also didn't miss the opportunity to tease him about his chosen attire, adding, "I love that dressing gown."

Viewers were equally as delighted with Kevin's unexpected appearance.

One fan on Twitter wrote, "Think all interviews should be done like this in the future, makes it more personal."

Another added. "love the dressing gown"

And a third said, "She wasn't expecting that I don't think …"

Highland Vet is a C5 documentary series which follows staff at DS McGregor and Partners.

The series is set in Thurso and Wick, and showcases the work that the veterinary practice does every day.

This includes helping farm animals, horses, domestic pets and wildlife in the local area.

It will air throughout June, with each episode focusing on different cases.

Phyllis and Kevin are both well known for their roles in Downton Abbey, but it's not yet known if there'll be a second film.

But Phyllis teased, "We’d love to do another one, but of course things are so tricky at the moment, there may be moves afoot, but who knows. We’ll find out in due course.

"Fingers crossed it does."

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