Our Girl’s Royce Pierreson: ‘Michelle and I were thrown in at the deep end. There was no time to be scared!’ (VIDEO)

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Royce Pierreson plays the fiance of Michelle Keegan's character Georgie in BBC1's Our Girl and talks about the anxiety at the heart of their seemingly rock-solid relationship

Our Girl viewers have seen just how much turmoil there is in the love life of army medic Georgie Lane (Michelle Keegan). But after her big wedding nightmare and with the action then moving on two years, the soldier seems settled with her new fiance, Dr Jamie Cole, played by Royce Pierreson.

Royce spoke to What's on TV about his relationship with his feisty on-screen fiancee in the returning BBC1 series.

“He’s a paediatrician at a Manchester hospital and he and Georgie are very different people which is way I think they get on. He cares for her,” said Royce.

As Georgie heads out to a dangerous area of Kenya, Royce says he's definitely a worried fiance.

“I think anyone would be in that situation, when you have a loved one overseas in the armed where you know there’s danger," he said. "I don’t think you could ever relax. It’s the not knowing that makes it worse. Jamie is a worried husband-to-be, but he handles it well!"

Royce, who starred in BBC3’s highly acclaimed drama Murdered By My Boyfriend, agreed that it’s an interesting twist in Our Girl, with the man at home worrying while his female partner is out in danger zones abroad.

“Having the woman partner as the one in danger is one of the reasons why this show has such a strong female fan base behind it. When I read the script I loved how they’ve flipped things. It makes you think: 'How is he going to be? How is he going to worry? And how is it going to manifest in Jamie?' It’s an exciting thing to play.”

Our Girl was Royce's first time working with Michelle Keegan. “Our first scene together was quite a big one, with lots of talking, and we were meant to be a couple for a few years. Michelle and I were thrown in at the deep end straight away… There was no time to be scared or [to] warm up. But Michelle is lovely – she makes everything so easy and so welcoming so it was a really nice environment to go into.”

Our Girl continues next Wednesday on BBC1 at 9pm

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