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Michelle Keegan: 'I got stuck into the stunts on Our Girl!' (VIDEO)

Who's tougher, Tina McIntyre, Georgie Lane or Michelle Keegan?
Who's tougher, Tina McIntyre, Georgie Lane or Michelle Keegan? (Image credit: BBC / Coco Van Oppens)

From Corrie to camouflage! Michelle Keegan reveals her dramatic new role in Our Girl has turned her into an action hero

Michelle Keegan isn’t someone we’d normally consider a gun-toting, stunt-loving, action-hero… until we talked to her on Thursday night about Our Girl!

What’s on TV’s Nick Cannon chatted to Michelle, about her new role as army medic Corporal Georgie Lane, in BBC1’s new five-part drama and discovered the former Coronation Street star has been bitten by the stunt bug!

Michelle, 29, said: "I really got stuck into it. I tried to do as many stunts as I was allowed to."

She added: "If someone told me when I was in Corrie I'd be doing a show like this, I wouldn't have believed them. It was one of those, where I had to pinch myself!"

Georgie is posted in Kenya, and soon finds herself in the thick of some hairy action. As part of Michelle’s preparation for the role she had to go to an army bootcamp!

She revealed: "I had the best time. The boot camp training wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. The team were great and such a laugh. We learned a lot.

"I was really nervous and it was really daunting to walk into a room of 12 lads you’ve never met before. But they were really laidback and it was lovely.

"I didn’t expect how heavy the guns were. The force behind them was incredible!"

But although Michelle enjoyed the role, she has nothing but respect for real soldiers in the field, saying: "I never thought it was easy being a soldier but, from what I've heard, what I've seen, and what I've done in this drama – my hat goes off to them."

Our Girl starts on BBC1, Wednesday 7th September at 9pm.

For the full interview watch the video above...