Pauline Quirke on her new comedy co-star: 'Rob Lowe is gorgeous and makes a dishy priest!'

Birds Of A Feather actress Pauline Quirke admits she was in heaven working alongside Hollywood star Rob Lowe in their new Sky1 comedy drama You, Me and The Apocalypse.

The series will be shown this autumn and follows a number of different characters from around the world as they face the last days of mankind – because an asteroid is on its way from outer space and will obliterate the Earth in 34 days!

Rob plays Father Jude, a crude, rebellious priest in the Vatican and Pauline reveals what it was like to play opposite him…

"Rob Lowe is just gorgeous," said Pauline, who's also starred in Broadchurch and Emmerdale. “I had a look behind his ears and he hadn’t had any work done either. He makes rather a dishy priest.

"There's one scene where my character's driving Rob's around Greenford in West London and I'm really loving having a Hollywood movie star next to me. I had to ask the production team to give me an automatic car as I didn't want to go making a fool of myself driving in front of Rob. I even got to say the saucy line: 'Fancy another finger Father?' I'll never get a better line of dialogue again I reckon!"

Pauline added: "I play a lady called Paula Winton who lives in Slough. She's a nurse with her very ordinary son Jamie, played by Matthew Baynton, who's a bank manager. I spent a lot of time on set covered head to foot in mud.

"There’s also a character played by Megan Mullally, and two women characters on death row in the US. Basically, there's all these characters who'd never ever come together because they’re so different, but it's an extraordinary time!

"The story begins where we all find out there’s just 34 days before the end of the world because there’s an eight-mile wide meteor heading this way! Although it's about the end of the world it’s very funny, warm and loving because it's about family and being together. All these different characters have a place they need to find and a place they need to be, and something to resolve. It’s good family viewing!"

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