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Susie Dent turns the air blue on Countdown

Countdown, susie dent
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The usually prim Susie Dent used a swear word – to the delight of viewers – to score an eight-lettered word on Countdown

Everyone loves spotting a rude word on Countdown, but viewers were surprised on Thursday when Dictionary Corner’s Susie Dent was the one to find it.

Susie – known for informing the audience about the origins of words – spotted the brilliant 8-lettered  'shithead'.

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She told viewers: “We apologise for this one in advance, it’s in the dictionary. We’re only saying it because it gets you one letter further.”

Host Nick Hewer turned to her and replied: “Susie, wash your mouth out with soap.”

Viewers were tickled by the unexpected word coming from normally well-spoken Susie.

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And for anyone wondering over the official meaning of the word, it is defined on as a 'stupid, inept, unlikable, or contemptible person'.