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Ted 2 | DVD review - Mark Wahlberg and his talking teddy bear are rude, crude and sometimes hilarious

Ted 2 320.jpg

Ted 2 320.jpg

Did we need a sequel to Seth MacFarlane’s shamelessly rude 2012 buddy comedy about a Boston slacker and his living teddy bear chum?

Probably not, but given the first film’s humungous box-office success, follow-up Ted 2 was surely inevitable.

Mark Wahlberg is back as stoner John and MacFarlane again voices the stuffed bear. Ted is now unhappily married to his brassy sweetheart (Jessica Barth) and faces legal wrangles when the authorities declare him ‘property’, not a person, leaving Ted and John to seek help from Amanda Seyfried’s pot-smoking rookie lawyer.

The jokes are definitely hit and miss, and many US-centric cultural references will be lost on UK viewers, but there’s more than enough puerile fun here to keep fans of the first film satisfied.

Certificate 15. Runtime 112 mins. Director Seth MacFarlane

Ted 2 is available in theatrical and extended versions on Blu-ray & DVD from 23 November from Universal Studios Home Entertaiment.