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The Chase fans react as cheeky contestant riles up quizzer

The Chase
(Image credit: ITV)

Shaun was not impressed by his comments!

The Chase welcomed a rather cheeky contestant on Tuesday's episode, who was quick to rile up one of the Chasers.

First to face the Chaser was Parin, a pension consultant from Middlesex.

In the Cash Builder round, he earned himself £4,000.

Host Bradley Walsh asked Parin who he'd like to face, and he chose Shaun Wallace.

But his reasons for picking him weren't particularly kind, as he joked, "Maybe the Dark Destroyer, because he's lost his mojo."

Sure enough, Shaun Wallace was the Chaser for that episode, and wasn't best pleased with Parin's jab!

As he took to the hotseat, he said, "So I've lost my mojo, have I Parin?"

Parin joked, "That's what it seems!"

And then Shaun hit back, saying, "Well I'm about to pension you off."

Parin began the tense match by sticking with his £4,000 cash builder amount, and Bradley told the contestant that he'd really "riled" the Chaser.

Unfortunately for Parin, he was caught by Shaun, who was quick to gloat after his win.

He said, "Mojo back, do you think?"

To which Parin continued his cheeky attack, telling the Chaser that he simply "got lucky".

Shaun managed to sneak in one more comeback, saying, "... and you didn't. So get off!"

Fans loved the banter between Perin and Shaun, with many obviously backing the Dark Destroyer.

One wrote, "That’ll teach you for dissing our Shaun!! #TheChase"

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Another added, "The Dark Destroyer has found his mojo Eyes #TheChase"

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A third wrote, "#TheChase Shaun's lost his mojo? Red rag to a bull! Cheerio, Parin!"

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And a fourth had joked, "Don't expect any generous offers after that remark Parin #TheChase"

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So despite Parin's initial confidence, he was no match for the Dark Destroyer!

Will the next contestant be able to beat him?

The Chase continues on ITV at 5pm weekdays.

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