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The Chase viewers SHOCKED as Chaser has never heard of this common phrase

The Chase
(Image credit: ITV)

Sometimes The Chasers get things wrong too...

The Chase fans were shocked during Wednesday's episode as Shaun Wallace didn't know a common phrase.

Four new contestants went up against the Chaser to try and win some money: Lyndon, Steve, Victoria and Francesca.

Lyndon was up first, after accumulating an impressive £8,000 in the cash builder round.

But one round was a complete disaster for both players, as neither was familiar with the phrase.

The question was, "To discombobulate is to do what?"

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The options were either "dissect, eat or confuse", but both answered wrong.

Lyndon selected "eat" and Shaun went with "dissect", but the answer was in fact "confuse".

However, fans everywhere were shocked that neither of them knew the answer to this apparently easy question.

Many took to Twitter to express their confusion, rather aptly, at not knowing what discombobulate meant!

One fan wrote, "Either my knowledge of English is brilliant or Shaun’s and Lyndon’s really isn’t. How can you not know discombobulate ?#TheChase"

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Another added, "Shaun's never heard of discombobulation??? #TheChase"

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A third wrote, "Whaaa.... Shaun has never heard of discombobulate, either. #TheChase"

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A fourth joked, "Shaun was really discombobulated just then... #thechase"

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And a fifth added, "I CANNOT believe @ITVthebarrister hasn’t heard of ‘discombobulate’, that’s mind blowing. #TheChase"

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Shaun simply told host Bradley, "I've never heard of that phrase."

Bradley used this opportunity to mock The Chaser, exclaiming, "Discombobulate? You're a Barrister!"

Shaun's mistake allowed Lyndon to take the £8,000 back to the table. Close one!

But despite his earlier mistake, Shaun was able to bounce back.

After knocking out Steve, Victoria and Francesca, Lyndon was left alone to play for the £8,000.

Sadly he was caught after gaining 17 steps, with Shaun managing to match his score with 25 seconds to spare.

The Chase is on ITV1 weekdays at 5pm.