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New daytime drama The Heights launches on BBC1 with TWO shock twists

The Heights BBC1
(Image credit: BBC/Matchbox Productions/Screenwest (Australia)/Ben King)

The Heights first episode kicks off with a baby bombshell and a shock return...

Brand new daytime soap The Heights kicked off on BBC1 today, and the first episode was packed with drama.

The critically acclaimed drama has been a huge hit in Australia, and BBC1 has acquired the first two series to be shown in their daytime slot.

The Heights

The drama at Arcadia Heights kicked off on BBC One today (Picture: Matchbox Productions/Screenwest (Australia) - Photographer: Ben King) (Image credit: BBC/Matchbox Productions/Screenwest (Australia)/Ben King)

The episode starts with a fire alarm at Arcadia Heights, a housing estate set in a fictional suburb of Perth.

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But as the residents all pile out of the high-rise tower block there's drama when former cop and Heights resident, Pav, discovers an abandoned newborn baby wrapped in a blanket.

There's a sudden dash to get the baby to hospital, and thankfully Pav manages to save the little one's life.

TV tonight The Heights

Pav finds an abandoned baby in the grounds of Arcadia Heights today (Picture: BBC/Matchbox Productions/Screenwest (Australia)/Ben King) (Image credit: BBC/Matchbox Productions/Screenwest (Australia)/Bohdan Warchomij)

Back at Arcadia Heights, Hazel is opening the family pub for the last time as she prepares for her father's wake.

A shock from the past...

But while she's putting things in place, her estranged son, Ryan, returns after leaving more than a decade ago.

Hazel isn't happy to see her son, and it soon transpires there's bad blood between the pair after Ryan stole a huge amount of cash from the pub before he left.

The Heights Hazel

Hazel is stunned when her estranged son, Ryan, returns to Arcadia Heights (Picture: Matchbox Productions/Screenwest (Australia) - Photographer: Bohdan Warchomij) (Image credit: BBC/Matchbox Productions/Screenwest (Australia)/Bohdan Warchomij)

But will her father's wake give Hazel the opportunity to forgive and forget?

Or will more trouble be stirred up between the mother and son duo?

Who abandoned their baby?

At the hospital, staff have affectionately called the abandoned baby Patch after he was left dumped in a vegetable patch,

Patch might be getting stronger, but the search for his mum continues.

However, storylines intertwine when it's revealed the mysterious new mum was seen wearing a black cap.

The mum is later spotted lurking at the hospital and doctor Claudia chases after her, but she gets away.

The Heights Claudia

Claudia sees the mysterious new mum at the hospital, not realising it is Hazel's daughter, Shannon (Picture: Matchbox Productions/Screenwest (Australia) - Photographer: Bohdan Warchomij) (Image credit: BBC/Matchbox Productions/Screenwest (Australia)/Bohdan Warchomij)

However, it's only when Hazel's daughter, Shannon, stumbles into the wake wearing a black cap that it's revealed that she's the new mum.

Before anyone can react to the fact Shannon has abandoned her baby, she turned deathly pale and collapses into Hazel's arms.

Will Shannon be okay? And why did she leave her baby all alone in a veggie patch?

Watch The Heights every weekday on BBC One at 1.45 pm.