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The Mallorca Files stars Julian Looman and Elen Rhys reveal insider details about the glam new BBC1 crime drama

(Image credit: BBC/Cosmopolitan Pictures / Clerkenwell Films/Steve Schofield)

Julian Looman and Elen Rhys on their sun-soaked detective show

The Mallorca Files, which is like a cross between Death in Paradise and Shakespeare & Hathaway, is the sunny new daytime crime drama heading to BBC1 - it starts today [Monday 25th November] at 2.15pm!

The action revolves around Detective Miranda Blake (Elen Rhys) – an introvert Brit used to living by the rules – and her outlandish German counterpart Max Winter (Austrian actor Julian Looman), who relies on his gut instinct rather than the police manual.

The Mallorca Files promises to look fabulous as it’s set against the backdrop of fabulously glam locations…

Q&A with The Mallorca Files stars Elen Rhys and Julian Looman…

The Mallorca Files BBC1

Get ready for sun... and crime in The Mallorca Files (Image credit: BBC/Cosmpolitan Pictures/Clerkenwell Films/Giacomo Neri)

What appealed to you both about The Mallorca Files?

Elen: “It’s great writing. Dan's (Sefton) scripts have everything. They interweave drama, comedy and action. They tick all the boxes. They have got it all. It’s such an exciting project. I’m delighted to be a part of it.”

Julian: “When I read the script, what I really liked about it was the Moonlighting aspect. These are not only crime stories, but they are also about an ongoing relationship. That's something the audience will really warm to. You see Max and Miranda's relationship develop, and you don't know where it's going.”

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Oooh, can you tell us more, Julian?

The Mallorca Files

There's a will they/won't they element to Miranda and Max (Image credit: BBC / Cosmopolitan pictures / Clerkenwell Films)

Julian: “It has that 'will they, won't they?' element to it that makes it really intriguing. Having the arc of the relationship between Miranda and Max running through the whole series is great. It's the reward you get if you watch from episode one to episode ten. I think audiences will get very emotionally attached to these two characters.”

Elen: “The beauty of this situation is that obstacles are constantly in their way. If they did get together, the show would be over! Viewers will want them to be together, but they're not. Seeing Miranda and Max grow towards each other will bring people back to The Mallorca Files week after week. Do they fall in love? You'll have to watch to find out!”

How would you describe the tone of the show?

Julian: “I really enjoy dark crime stories, but this is very different from that. This is light, sunny and easy watching without losing its sense of sophistication. It has a retro feel - but in a good way.”

Elen: “I hope that as soon as the opening titles roll, they'll [viewers] relax. I hope they'll enjoy watching it as much as we've enjoyed making it. We take audiences to amazing locations every day. It's sunny and feelgood; it's really easy watching. We're not setting out to make an intense crime drama. I hope that at the end of each episode of The Mallorca Files, people will have a broad smile on their faces!

Where to watch The Mallorca Files?

The Mallorca Files

(Image credit: BBC/Cosmopolitan Pictures/Clerkenwell Films/Todd Anthony)

You can watch The Mallorca Files on BBC1 live and by streaming or on catch-up on iPlayer shortly after each episode has aired. All 10 episode of The Mallorca Files will be available as a box set on BBCiPlayer after the first episode airs.

When does The Mallorca Files finish?

There are ten episodes, airing from Monday to Fridays on BBC1 at 2.15pm. Each episode is 45 minutes long.

The Mallorca Files cast list

DC Miranda Blake... played by Elen Rhys

DC Max Winter... Julian Looman

Palma Police Chief, Ines Villegas... Maria Fernadez-Ache

Carmen Lorenzo... Tábata Cerezo

Federico Ramis... Nacho Aldeguer

Frederico Ramis The Mallorca Files

Frederico Ramis (Nacho Aldeguer) The Mallorca Files (Image credit: BBC / Cosmopolitan pictures / Clerkenwell Films)

Christian... Denis Schmidt

Joan Lorenzo... Carlos Olalla