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The voice of Peppa Pig reveals she went to Peppa Pig World and no one knew who she was!

Peppa Pig
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Harley Bird was just five when she started voicing Peppa

The voice of Peppa Pig, Harley Bird, has revealed she doesn’t get recognised – even when she went to Peppa Pig World!

Under fives everywhere are hooked on Peppa Pig, but despite her global fame – second only in this country probably to Mr Tumble! - with small children, Harley can go anywhere she likes undetected – including Peppa Pig World in Hampshire.

Speaking recently on This Morning, Harley, 16, revealed: “I've done Peppa for 11 years now, I understand the character, how she speaks and how she would do things.

“I don’t get recognised. I went the other weekend [to Peppa Pig World], I was on the dinosaur ride with my brother and everyone was giving me strange looks. Me and my brother were snorting and I was doing some [of the] lines.”

Harley Bird with Peppa Pig

Harley Bird with Peppa

Presenter and mum of three Holly Willoughby declared: “Any parent has you on in their house, probably every day! I’m going to get some serious mum points when I go home.”

Harley, who was born in Rochdale, actually won the role of Peppa Pig - who a fan recently claimed has four nostrils! - when she was just five. She once told the BBC about her audition, saying: “I can’t really remember much because I was tiny, and I went to an audition for it.

“And they listened to my voice and I sounded like a pig, a four-year-old pig.

“I couldn't read at all and it’s a little bit difficult when you’ve got a five-year-old who’s meant to be reading scripts.”

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