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David Tennant says Doctor Who means first line of his obituary is written

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David Tennant believes the first line of his obituary has already been written thanks to his starring role in Doctor Who (opens in new tab).

The much-loved 10th Doctor, whose wife Georgia Moffett (pictured) has just given birth to a baby girl, said his children are big fans of the hit BBC show.

As the Time Lord, David first stepped into the Tardis in 2005, departing five years later, and he was last seen in the 50th anniversary episode, The Day Of The Doctor, in 2013. He is still recording audio books as the character, however, with his co-star Catherine Tate.

David Tennant and Catherine Tate in Doctor Who

David Tennant and Catherine Tate in Doctor Who (BBC/PA)


The 44-year-old told The Jonathan Ross Show: “It was a lovely time and a time that I think of very fondly. But you know, you have your time and you move on, but it will always be with me… It never goes away. The first line of the obituary, I suspect, has been written.

“But that’s fine, I’m very proud of it.”

Talking about his children’s love of the show, he said: “[My eldest] Ty grew up with it, but the younger two have just got into it. And I did not force this upon them. My wife and I met on Doctor Who and they saw a picture, they got wind of that.

“So they wanted to see it and they watched the episode we met on, and then they developed this passion for it. So it’s now on in our house all the time, which is embarrassing when people come round because it looks like there’s a moving shrine to myself in the corner of the living room at all times.”


The Broadchurch star also told the show about the latest addition to the family – a baby girl.

“We’ve just had another one,” he said, adding: “We’re quite pleased. We managed to [keep that] under the radar, which is how we like to do it on the whole.”

The Jonathan Ross Show screens at 9.45pm on Saturday, November 14.

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